A Global Initiative Celebrating Outstanding Women in Photography

In 2018, to mark the centenary of the women’s right to vote in the UK, the Royal Photographic Society ran a public campaign, conceived and led by its Vice President, Dr Del Barrett, to identify outstanding female photographers from around the globe. The response was overwhelming with nearly 5,000 people nominating more than 1,300 different candidates.  From this, a panel of luminaries from the photographic world selected a final list: The One Hundred Heroines, representing the best of the inspiring women from across the world, whose work is transforming photography and the visual arts.  The project was so successful, it began to generate a range of new activities, and growing interest and support. To enable the project to flourish, and to provide a platform for further related initiatives, a new organisation was created by Dr Barrett with the name Hundred Heroines, and the RPS has now passed the custodianship for all future activity directly to this organisation, at the end of 2019.

The Sorority is honoured to be a Heroinic Partner with Sorority Founder Lisa Tse as the Founder Patron of Hundred Heroines.

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